My First Entry


Ahem….hi…yo….. hello? Ah screw it, welcome to OR. This is my FIRST post on my FIRST blog, and it really is a dive into the unknown.  I’ve never been an avid follower of blogs; Vlogs were always more to my fancy. But as copy writing demand dries up over the Christmas break, I’ve been looking for an outlet to sooth my creative itch.


I’ll be documenting aspects of my life, travels, interests and hobbies, as I close on the end of my studies, and look to establish my next few steps and ultimately a career path. However, flourishing my metaphorical paint brush isn’t my only motivation in creating this blog. Check out this statement from myself and see what you think.


‘At the age of 18, you’ve now progressed to a worker bee, and you’ll see out your days as such until your retirement. At which age, sickness will swiftly take you whilst life has already passed you by”.


This isn’t a life that most people want to lead, we want to pursue our passions, to learn to accept ourselves, to achieve self-actualisation. It would take a 1000 lifetimes to reach these states, to go through the processes through trial and error in order to gain the necessary wisdom. However, I believe there’s another solution, one that allows us to gain that knowledge without ever partaking in the journey, and that’s through sharing.


Everyone has their own story. No two life experiences are ever the same. That breeds a wisdom that is unique to each individual, a slice of wisdom that no one else has. What I’m trying to explain is, we all have something to share AND something to learn from one another. Through 6 billion individual wisdom's and truths, we can achieve self-actualisation, we can turn that into a career, we can reach self-acceptance through the tribulations faced by an individual half-way around the world.


THAT, is the point of this blog.


I want to encourage the sharing of that wisdom, to stimulate discussion and the meeting of minds. I want to teach what I’ve learnt, to share what I’m currently learning, and to hopefully find out what I’m still to learn, with the help of you guys.  


So please stay tuned for posts every Tuesday and Friday, possibly more in the future as I streamline this ridiculously long process. All this blog stuff is a lot tougher than I thought, but I’m getting the hang of it so bear with me. I'll see you all on my next post, chow :)