How to stay authentic and find your own blogging voice, in 3 easy steps.

I don’t like chocolate.

I don’t like crowded places and long queues for food.

I don’t like a lot of things, but that’s just me.

That’s who I am.


So many of you have no idea what a blogging voice is let alone how to find it. You consume and regurgitate the typical trending posts, ‘How I made £4000 in February’, and ‘how to build a blog with Bluehost’, but fail to realise that your blog is a carbon copy of a hundred others.



What makes you interesting? What makes you, you?

Your unique ‘BLOGGING VOICE’ is what makes your site worth READING, and apart from your VALUE, it’s your MAIN selling point. I know it can be hard to understand and even harder to find, but it doesn’t need to be.

Let me show you 'HOW' with this week's masterclass.

A class where you’ll learn to stamp your authority on a niche, buck the latest trends you follow and find the blogging voice you didn’t know you had.

Fellow Ranters…. 


Buckle up.

Struggling to be yourself? 3 easy tips to finding your blogging voice to help your readers identify with you!



It's the reason you blog and it serves as your main blog writing guide. It'll help you identify what you want your blog to be and what it CAN'T be.

Confused? Let me explain.

Do you write to inform your readers and provide valuable 'how-to's'? To solve a said problem for your audience?

If so, then your 'why' is already dictating your 'how', and your tone, style and voice, MUST then match that purpose.

For example:

1. You CAN’T waffle and have a chatty diary style in a tutorial (check my conciseness post). Your writing needs to be somewhat formal and condensed.

2. You CAN'T have a huge amount of framing content either, the value you provide MUST be care packaged with brief, concise and actionable advice that sticks (check my powerful blog post lesson).

These CANT'S immediately become a prerequisite when you’ve selected your purpose, certain styles and voices just aren’t options, and realising that moves you closer to discovering your blogging voice.

KEY POINTS TO TAKE AWAY: The first step is to identify the set of rules you wish to play by, (your purpose), because those set of rules will dictate what voices ARE and AREN'T available to you.


Now that you’ve chosen a purpose, select a leader in your niche you aspire to be like. You’re then going to do EXACTLY what I said you shouldn’t.

You’re going to copy them.


Hold up.

This is purely a refining technique, and I'm by no means telling you to publish copied work.

No, I'm telling you to PRACTICE it. 

Emulating niche leaders and TESTING new styles will show you 2 key things.

1. It shows you exactly what style of copy you enjoy writing, and what styles work well with your target audience.

2. It shows you if their style is a fit for you and where you need to tweak it if it's not.

After you have that knowledge, here's what you do with it.

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is uniquely your own" -Bruce Lee

Very few things are completely NEW in this world, but it doesn’t mean they’re not UNIQUE. Likewise, your blogging ideas won’t be original, but it doesn’t stop you from adding your own unique spin.

KEY POINTS TO TAKE AWAY: Finding a unique spin requires some sampling and experimentation, but by finding out what you like, discarding what you don’t, and adding what is your own, you’re a few steps closer to finding your voice. 

"Very few things are completely NEW in this world, but it doesn’t mean they’re not UNIQUE"




Don’t be afraid to change.

Sometimes you grow.....and the old blogging voice that used to epitomise you just.......


You will change and you will grow as a person AND as a writer.

Reflect that in your blog. Switch up the categories and sections or mix up the style with which you communicate to your audience. Readers come and go, but there will always be those who identify with you, regardless of the changes you go through.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER: Shit happens, don't feel stuck using a voice that no longer represents you. 



I’m going to be honest, it was tough to write about something I've literally JUST discovered. But I thought any tips I learnt on the way could be helpful to you anyway, so here I am.

Hopefully you learnt something!

As always, read, memorise, practice and repeat. These things tend to take time.

That’s all for this week, I’ll see you all soon.