How to improve the flow of your blog posts and write with confidence. 3 easy tips to help you alter your pacing to influence your audience.

When I think of pacing, I think of a sinuous graph.

It peaks, it troughs, it ebbs and it flows. 

Sometimes the peaks are high, adorned with colourful vernacular and serpent like prose.

Other times it’s short.



Your flow, (your pacing), is unique to YOU. It should map against your creativity and tone, as well as it’s intended purpose.

Are you selling your latest E-book? Or are you teaching your viewers how to maximize Pinterest? The art of persuasion begins with the clarity of your speech, or in this case, the clarity and flow of your copy.

THAT is what your writing is missing.

Your muddled and hesitant copy is driving AWAY engagement.

Your viewers don’t believe in you.

YOU don’t believe in you.

You have a message to relay and valuable knowledge to impart. Do it the right way.

Do it with confidence, do it with clarity and do it with PERFECT PACING.

I’m back again RANTERS. Back with ANOTHER blog writing tip. Get your pen and paper out and prepare to make notes, because I’m coming in hot with my 5TH BREAKDOWN.

How to improve the flow of your blog posts and write with confidence.


The easiest way to optimise your pacing is by utilising SENTENCE STRUCTURE.

LONG SENTENCES are prone for descriptive or informative pieces i.e. how-to’s, travel blog entries.

SHORT SENTENCES are designed for impact i.e Sales, persuasive texts,powerful blog posts.

With longer sentences, I can set a scene or answer a question. I can manipulate the ebb and flow of the information I provide, making it manageable for you to ingest.


I can be brief. Sharp. Impactful. 

I can make you read slower……


And slower….

Or  faster, faster and faster.

Varying my sentence structures allows me to control the emotive outcome. If you master this tool, you can make your writing come alive.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER: varying sentence structure has a multitude of effects, experiment with differing lengths to see how it affects your reader


This is basic and rudimentary, but it’s something I’ve found many bloggers to use poorly and/or incorrectly.

Transition words.


Examples of these are

  • however
  • additionally
  • moreover

 Bloggers are so prone to listing ideas WITHOUT linking them.

 As a result, the pacing of the blog suffers and you end up with the infamous WAFFLING STYLE (click here to see my rant).

Link your ideas, let your sentences and thoughts flow, and STOP jumping from point to point. The beauty of great writing lies in its simplicity.

So do just that,  keep it simple.

Simple use of conjunctions and transitional words can make the world of difference. They help connect your ideas, list your points effectively and most importantly, remove that broken and choppy feel to your posts.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER: A  lack of fundamentals is the prime reason writing appears choppy and hesitant. Don't be too proud to go back to basics.


Blog posts are unique in the fact that they break every paragraphing convention.

The only rule is…. That there are no rules. You HAVE to wing it.

Writing is evolving in the age of social media, what was once a literary sin, is now a blogging must-do.

Chop it up.

Butcher your work.

Although it pains me to say it… it actually works.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER: Blogging paragraphs are short, don’t be scared to break away from the paragraphing norms to optimise your blogging flow.


Wam bam and done! 3 EASY tips to improve the pacing of your writing and establish a unique blog flow.

Remember, these tips can be applied in minutes, but they take months to master. Don’t be too discouraged if it doesn't come easily. Persistence is key.

As always, i'll see you on my next post. CIAO!