How to write a powerful blog post and engage your readers. 3 easy tips to help you write a more impactful post that stays with your audience long after they've gone.

“Veni, vidi, vici”. (I came, I saw, I conquered)

3 words…

3 words that immediately demand attention and capture the imagination.

But it’s just 3 words….

So how?


 It’s a technique. A technique that uses three parallel words, phrases or clauses to illicit an emotional response from the reader.

That technique is known as a TRICOLON.

It sounds complicated, it sounds messy, it sounds like your about to click off this post.


Too many people expect engagement from weak pros and a lacklustre CTA, and shy away from more ADVANCED writing techniques that would help better display their VALUE. Don’t be one of those people.

DEMAND attention.

DEMAND respect.

And DEMAND to be heard

Your post will be 1 of 11 million released daily. If your writing doesn’t shout READ ME, you’ll be exactly that, 1 in 11 million.

Let me change that.

Let me help you.

Let me teach you how to SHOUT.

3 Easy tips to writing a more POWERFUL blog post to grip your readers.


Tricola, if used correctly, can be as impactful as a heading or a capitalized piece of text. Not only are they succinct, catchy and rhythmic, they also live long in the memory.

An example of that is this famous quote by Abraham Lincoln.

  •  'A government of the people, by the people, for the people'

Do you see how effective the rhythmic flow is in ensuring the message stands out to the reader?

Utilise that technique to embolden your CTA and ensure it's actually a call to action and NOT a call to sleep.

Make sure that your message is heard!

REMEMBER: Your reader’s attention spans are short, and their recall of your post will be minimal. Incorporate your CTA in a memorable tricolon, and you’ll ensure your readers have something valuable to take away.


Do you remember the last post? (CLICK HERE)

If so, you’ll have learnt how important displaying your value is.

Due to our innate ability of PATTERN RECOGNITION, and the fact that 3 is the LOWEST number of which a pattern can be deduced, tricolons are PROVEN to stand out more than normal text.

It’s a technique that sales copy writers have been using for years.

Have a look for yourself.

  •         Power, performance and speed!
  •         Quick, light and efficient!
  •         Suitable for your home, garden, and even your car!

They’re full of pop, a sense of urgency and a brevity needed to maintain the reader’s engagement.

That is EXACTLY how you need to emphasise your value, with brevity enough to avoid boredom, but enough pop and spice to grab their attention.

Combine the techniques of the LAST POST in conjunction with this new post to BEST maximise your value. Every aspect of your blog, from design to writing techniques, ALL serve to EFFICIENTLY frame your value.

Don't excuse your poor writing and choppy copy.

Refine your craft and ensure every tool in your blogging box is sharpened.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: the next time you read any type of sales , keep an eye out for tricola!


Placement, as you can imagine, is vital.

There are three places I mainly use tricolons that are pretty much universally applicable.

  • The introduction
  • The transition areas- just prior to a new section
  • The closing statement

Now your usage doesn’t need to be restricted to these areas, as the places you can put them will vary from post to post. However, these are the places you can ALWAYS put them to maximise their use, regardless of the post.

REMEMBER: Select appropriate places to insert your tricolons, transitional areas are always a safe bet. 


That brings an end to this weeks 'FREE blog writing tip'.

As with every lesson, have a read over all of your posts and see where you can implement this literary device to keep your readers gripped.


I'm off for now!

I hope it helped, I hope you learnt a lot and I hope I see you soon.  (did you catch that?)