The reason your blog posts are putting your readers to sleep and 3 easy ways of avoiding that.

Sometimes less is more

Sometimes good design is less design

Sometimes…. you talk too damn much


I’ve been reading all over the internet about this so-called statistic. A statistic that states quantity is the word of the day and that 2000 words is the ideal amount of content to satisfy readers. It even goes on to suggest ‘the more you write, the better your blog’.


I call bull shit.

Blog sites are mini-businesses and the blog owners are mini-entrepreneurs. What they offer to their consumers/viewership is value, and that value NEEDS to be easily accessible and easy to find.

Do you know what isn’t easy to find? 3 tips hidden within 2 pages of writing.

Stop pretending to be Mozart with a pen and start giving your readers EXACTLY what they want!

Whether it’s an insight into your life or ‘how to keep your girls perky’ (as I saw the other day), ensure the value of your post is ALWAYS on clear display.

So following my own advice, I present to you, VALUE!

3 Easy tips to writing a more efficient blog post


Efficiency is the REAL word of the day, and it’s how you’re going to place your value on a pedestal so it can be easily found.

Picture your VALUE as a photograph, and your EXCESS WORDS as a frame.

Most good frames tend to adequately display the picture without dominating or detracting from it.


That’s exactly how you should treat your ‘framing’ content.

Hook your reader as quickly as possible, (as discussed in my last article) and use your excess words to dive straight into your VALUE. Whether that’s a recount of your day or a solution to a problem, framing content only serves to set the scene.  

Key points to take away: Be efficient with your use of words so you can best display your value


Similar to efficiency? Yes.

The same? No.

This is a little-known fact, but a lack of conciseness in writing is called REDUNDANCY. In laymen terms, it means you’ve used more words than required to explain yourself.  Some examples are:

  •          Whether or not: That should always be reduced to ‘whether’
  •          The reason why: That should always be shortened to ‘the reason’
  •          At the present time: That should always be shortened to ‘at this time’

It’ll take a while before you’re experienced at dodging these literary sins. Hell... I still F** up.

But cracking down on redundancy and improving your conciseness can change the whole complexion of your writing.

It's also great for improving your pacing…. but that’s a topic for a future post…. I’m sorwyyyy


Key points to take away: avoid redundancy phrases to increase conciseness


I’ll keep this one short and sweet even though this issue is RIFE in the blogging community.


You don’t need to ramble to represent your style or voice. Being chatty doesn’t make you cool, it makes your writing extremely long and boring to read.

Display your voice through other means, whether it’s through word selection or humour, just ensure you stay away from that ‘diary style’ craze.

Like geez….

That was so 2016.

Key points to take away: Don't be a loser


Bam, bam and bam. There you have it! 3 practical and immediately applicable tips to help clean up your posts and have you writing more efficiently in a matter of minutes.

‘Till next time Ranters, CIAO