A rant about why we give up on our dreams.

When we are kids, we all have a dream.

“Dad!! I want to be a movie star”

“Mum!! I want to be a writer”.

Most of us lose that dream.

A few keep it.

They keep it, they chase it, and then live it.

While the rest lose it, accept it, and forget about it.

We call the ‘dreamers’- the people who go out and take what they want, ‘lucky’.

We curl up the corners of our mouths in contempt when we see the poor actor living from handout to handout, struggle to get to auditions.

We sneer when we see the aspiring entrepreneur who’s gone broke 3 times, fail to get his start-up off the ground.

“What are they doing? They’re bums”

We judge, we mock….and then we settle

I'm writing this to say....


The budding entrepreneur who’s tasted failure over and over has learnt 3 valuable lessons he didn’t know before. 3 lessons he’s going to utilise to make his business thrive on the fourth attempt.

The poor actor living from handout to handout is going to have a hunger in his eyes when relaying his lines, that extra depth of emotion that only desperation can bring.

And they’ll make it.

They’ll all make it.

And you’ll sit back and call them lucky.

Like I used to.

I’ve since realised one key thing.

There is no such thing as luck.

Luck is being open and prepared to take an opportunity when it comes to you.

Luck is putting in 1000 hours towards your craft, so that when you get your shot, you take it.

Luck is saying fuck working for someone from 9-5 everyday, someone who had the balls to go out and achieve their dreams.

Luck is taking a risk because life is too short to have regrets.

Luck is saying no to having a tiny piece of the pie.

Luck is saying I want the whole damn thing.